Montegrappa is pleased to announce a diminutive arrival with a bomb potential that’ s proving difficult not to describe as “cute” and “yummy”! The new Black Felicità is like a bar of Black Chocolate, small and vigorous, makes your heart race and keeps your brain running! Made in velvety-pastel Black resin with yellow gold – plated trim, it promises to become highly addictive with its overly elegant and savory design.

Based on the popular Fortuna family of pens, Felicitá is a compact version of a pen, smaller in volume than its classic twin, and ideal for any pocket, purse man-bag, hand – luggage and other holders with limited or reduced space. With a unisex design that is clean and modern, Felicitá is also better suited to the female hand than many full-sized pens. Because it’s shorter than the full-sized Fortuna, Felicita’ s dimensions ideally suit the space in a lady’s clutch. As with its previous editions in four pearlised colours with a polished stainless steel trim, the new “Black Queen” features on its cap end the 1912 monogram of Montegrappa, while the brand logo is laser-cut on the cap band. The Black Felicitá is offered in all three of the most popular forms fountain pen, rollerball and ballpoint to suit every writing style and preference.


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