HM8 Only Watch with Cassandra Legendre

The Only Watch charity auction released the 2017 line-up of timepieces back in July and MB&F has made its contribution for this event: the HM8 Only Watch with Cassandra Legendre.

Like previous ‘Only Watch’ pieces by MB&F, the HM8 Only Watch is the result of an artistic collaboration – and this year, the collaboration takes on special meaning with an artist who happens to be of the same age as the children Only Watch strives to protect: Cassandra Legendre is just 15 years old.

Based on the HM8 Can-Am, this Pièce Unique in 18K white gold and grade 5 titanium is instantly recognisable thanks to its special sapphire crystal pane – engraved and metallised with a whimsical drawing by Cassandra Legendre. You can spot a robot, a jet plane, a toy car, a jellyfish… visual touchstones that originate in the creations of MB&F and resonate with children everywhere.

Visible under the illustration, the automatic HM8 engine features a unique purple winding rotor. Check the lateral time display and you’ll notice a miniature white gold elephant between the hour and minute prism; the elephant was sculpted by engraver Olivier Kuhn based on the elephant in Cassandra’s drawing.

Final touch: the MB&F logo on the double-screwed plate has been replaced by a happy face – symbolising the childlike perspective that Legendre brings to this very special HM8.



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