Montegrappa scores for UEFA Champions League


As an official licensee for the UEFA Champions League, Montegrappa is proud to announce a new pen collection certain to appeal to fans of “the beautiful game.”
The new collection is aptly called “trophy” and will be offered as a fountain pen, rollerball and ballpoint.

Sleek and handsome, the Trophy pen will be made from pearlised black resin, trimmed in shiny stainless steel for maximum contrast.

The fountain pen is fitted with a steel nib adorned with Montegrappa’s filigree etching.
It will be offered in the three writing grades of fine, medium or broad, while its ink supply can be either offered as converter or cartridge fed.

To evoke the spirit of football, the Trophy pen’s cap top is characterised by a stainless steel disc, its shape overall reminiscent a Trophy shape, with its surface engraved in contrast with the famous “star-ball” of the UEFA champions league.
The lower segment of the cap bears the universally-recognised logo of UEFA Champions League. Montegrappa’s signature clip, known for affording easy ingress and egress to and from one’s pocket, has its rotating sphere in the shape of a miniature football.


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