RJ unveils its latest PAC-MANTM model in a collaboration with Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc.

The third PAC-MANTM watch called Level III marks a new style in a tribute to the game and in line with the brand’s playful spirit.

Its black dial with a mirror-polished finish is a departure from the earlier models. The polished titanium bezel encircling it reveals a maze where PAC-MAN™ sets off on a race to chomp ghosts and hunt for cherries and Pac-Dots.

The game’s scene was depicted by crafting 27 components by hand which are separated into three levels shown on the dial. The blue aluminium that walls off the maze is sanded on the edges and polished on top. The raised walls were filled with black lacquer to heighten the 3D effect.

The game’s characters (PAC-MAN™, ghosts and cherries) are reproduced by carefully affixing pixellated appliques on the dial. Each applique was meticulously filled by hand with several different colours of lacquer. The brand’s monogram was given a satin finish and is framed at 12:00.

Both the game and the timepiece have depth thanks to the contrasting finishes of the dial’s components.

Coated in black PVD surfacing, the watch’s 46 mm titanium case contains an automatic rewinding movement so the hours and minutes can be read in the middle. Articulated lugs secure a blue rubber strap that matches the blue accents on the dial.

The case back features a medallion of the legendary pixellated yellow video game character intertwined with the stellar pattern that continues on to the entire watch and strap.

The PAC-MANTM Level III watch was made in a limited series of 80, symbolic of the year the famous Japanese arcade game was released. Available June 2018.

PAC-MAN™ & © BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc.



Inspiration. It can come from the depths of space or the deepest oceans. It can be shaped by the most intense of graphic novel superheroes or enriched by the frivolity of a cartoon icon. It is the source of our ingenuity, the spark that shapes our creative spirit and the flame behind our passion for true originality. And it is at the heart of the unique timepieces that make Geneva-based watchmaker, RJ, a brand that stands apart from the conventional.


Since we were founded in 2004, RJ has purposefully placed itself at the cutting-edge of Swiss Made creative culture. Our watches, inspired by pop culture, exploration, technology and fashion, are designed to excite life’s most curious explorers with their beauty, sophistication, rarity and cultural significance.

That excitement extends to more than just their inspiration. RJ watches have become renowned not simply for their recognisable designs but also for the way in which they literally blend the most rare, unprocessed elements from those actual historical landmarks into their very essence. RJ “Moon Dust” watches, for example, are created with real moon dust embedded into their dials, while RJ “Titanic” watches are hewn from the actual steel that was used to construct the great ocean liner.

In 2018, that intention to excite, provoke and curate great watch stories continues. Our new range of watches are inspired both by nature and the ability of humankind to shape the very elements that nature has created. By using those most elemental materials, and blending them with RJ’s unparalleled craftsmanship, we can literally turn the raw into the sophisticated. It is a philosophy known simply as #JustRaw.

That journey kicks off with ARRAW, a new core collection for men and women which will be on sale from June 2018.


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